Aalin Thie Apartments Douglas
Aalin Thie Apartments Douglas 

Places to see, things to do

Aalin Thie Apartments are nestled on the outskirts of Douglas;Isle of Man and surrounded by natural beauty. Outdoor activities for people of all ages and interests are accessible right outside your door.


Be sure to take advantage of our outdoor activities, including:

  • Hiking/ Walking
  • Boat and fishing trip - Basking shark spotting
  • Fishing
  • Mountain biking
  • Train and Tram

Picture gallery: Outdoor activities

Ready for more cosmopolitan comforts? Douglas;Isle of Man's city centre is a stone's throw from our house and offers you world-class dining, shopping and entertainment. For more detailed information, ask our staff or visit the local tourist office.


Some of the urban highlights include:

  • 2 mile promenade
  • Quayside Restaurants & bars
  • Theatres & cinema - Villa Marina & Palace
  • Shopping centres
  • and more

Picture gallery: Douglas;Isle of Man highlights

Contact us

David & Sue Emmett

10 Beechwood Rise

Douglas;Isle of Man



Tel +44 1624 616217



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News & events

Check our website to find out local events and news from Blitz Limited and the Douglas;Isle of Man area.

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